Posted by: krisnat | September 4, 2009

my expectations

(Expectation in school)

         The way to happiness; keep your heart free from hatred; your mind from worries. Live simple. Expect little. Give much. 


          As a student, I have a lot of dreams. Sometimes it’s too hard to do, but I know that I have to pass all the obstacles. I know its part of life.  In order for me to reach my dreams is that I have to be more patient. I have to do my duty, if I want to reach my goal.  In high school I have to learn more about being a good and responsible student. It’s not like in elementary that you are given every thing.  You have to be more patient. You have to cooperate with your assigned group. It’s really difficult, but you have to. You’ll become hard working, you’ll study well, and you’ll be to true to your self. You must not expect too much.


         Here in MCHS, I do have expectations.  As a transferee, it’s really hard to feel at home, because you’ll be too shy to communicate with them.  My expectation here is that I could have more friends, and our teacher will be like a real parent to us. That they will take care of us and love us. My friends will be thoughtful and won’t hurt my feelings. My expectation also for my teachers is that I could understand her/him well. For my classmates, is that they will be like a real sister/brother to me. I would want my classmates to be jolly, and friendly. My expectation to my grades is that I won’t get a failure. That my parents would be happy and they will not get disappointments from me.


        I know that I can have all of my dreams if I’ll believe to my self and be true in all of my work. That I’ll give my best no matter what happen. I should take it step by step, because I’ll believe that “every journey begins with a single step”. I have also to show my talents for “success belongs to those who dare”. I’ll always remember this “follow your dreams and do not live your stupid games”.



 (The things I’ve learn) 

Ever since I am in grade school, I learn a lot of things. It’s really difficult here in high school. In high school it’s really hard to understand the lessons.  The lessons are more difficult to understand. You really have to study hard and focus to your studies. You must listen to your teacher and cooperate in a good sense. Yu must be aware of the things that are happening. You must do every thing that you can.


       Actually I’ve been in different schools. I learn a lot. I learned how to cook simple dishes in 1st year and I learned how to make cross teach in 2nd. I also learned how to manage my allowance. I learned the different kinds of wood working tools. And I also learned to arrange flowers.


      Here in MCHS I learn so many things. Especially in TLE I learn the different kinds of love. I learn the stages of life and the things that may come during high school years. In MATH, I learn how to equate the polygons and I also find out that the different kinds of angels. In ENGLISH, I learn how to speak and to correct my own grammar. In SCIENCE, I learn to know more about atom. In MAPEH and ARAL PAN I learn the different culture and art of other countries. In FILIPINO I learn the different figure speech (tayutay). In VALEUS, I learn the different articles.



(My skills)


      Every person has their own skills. Do you really use your skills? Yes, I do, but sometimes it’s so hard for me to share with other people. They actually just notice it to me as time passes by. They actually just notice it. They said that I’m good in mathematics. I really love mathematics since high elementary. Even my two sisters and my brothers love it so much. Also my cousins on the side of my father love it. Maybe it runs into our blood. I also know how to play chess, but I’m not that good. My brother always wins in our house. I think I only win once against him, but it’s all right. It’s part of the game.


      I also love to sing, but I think the song doesn’t love me. I love to dance. Actually I already been to a contest but sad to say that we lost. It’s just okay, because I enjoyed it. Now I just enjoy my self, just being with my self, without dancing. Now I just focus to my studies. I really want to have a presentable grade. I want my parents to be happy with me.






(The things I want to learn)


    As a student there are so many things that I want to learn. I want to learn how to cook many kinds of food and I also want to learn more about responsibility that I could learn the things that must be done on a specific time or period. I want also to learn some thing so exciting. That I could really scream if I could fulfill it. I would want also to learn how to be more patient in making projects, because when I was in my elementary years I thought that high school will be the same so it’s hard to adjust. I also want to cooperate more in our lectures. That I could participate more and I could share my ideas.


     I really want to learn to be more independent. Since I’ve been in school, my mother and father guided me and also my siblings. I want also to be more aware and mature. I want also to learn more and to focus on my studies.


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