Posted by: krisnat | August 23, 2009

If other can, why can’t I?

Do you believe in that saying? Well then me, I do. Ever since I’m young I really wanted to do things in my own way. To show them, that I can. My life is full of happy moments, and some trials. Do you want to know what these trials are? Do you also want to know my life? Well then my story is just the same with others. There is joy, love, hope and faith. My mother was 29 and my father was 36 when I was born in this world. It was March 30, 2009. My life has been so happy. But we had to face a lot of trials. One of which was when my mother met an accident. I’d thought that it would be the last time that I could touch, and kiss her. I was only 5 years old at that time. But until now the memories are still fresh. We are so lucky that my mom survived. It’s been 10 years now. So I’m so happy that until now my mom is still in our side. Loving and caring for us. There are so many trials that I had encountered. Just like when my teacher in grade 4 whip me and my classmates. But now I have forgiven him especially that he is dead. I wish that he is with God. The next trial in my life is when me and my brother had to stop schooling because of some financial problems. But now I’m happy with my life. The latest trial is when we had to move into another house. It a little bit difficult but it’s just okay because it’s part of my life. I do believe that “trials are made not to make us fall but to see how far we can fly”. It really makes sense right now. I know that a life of a person is not only full of trials, but there are also happy moments. Do you want to know it? Well then I’ll tell you. One of the happiest moments of my life is when my mother and father hug and kiss me. I fell like I’m a princess. I’m so happy when they treat us. I’m also happy when we go out and go to the beach. The most perfect moment of my life is when they congratulate me. They would give me something as a prize. It also makes me happy; because I can fell their love. I will always love my family. I also love to celebrate my birthday with them. I can fell their love and care, every time they greet me. I also love the way they show their love and care for me. Actually, we are four siblings, and I’m close with my brother, who is one year older than me. We play together and make stupid things together. His name is Simon Paul. I’m also close with my two sisters, Aimae and Gecel Sheena. I really love my family. Now I’m here in Davao , with my family. I’m here in MCHS studying in 3rd year in section APO. I’m so happy that I have a lot of friends. I’m already 15 years old, but it’s just fine with me. I think I’m getting older, but I really want to, to get my dream. I want to be a professional engineer. My father is an agricultural technologist. I think his work is really hard so I want something exiting. I really want to study in UP. Why? Because my two sisters are studying there, and it amazes me especially the things they were talking about, every time I heard them. It really gives me motivations to study there. I do believe that I can get all of my dreams if I’ll study hard, and give my best. There is one words of wisdom that gives me this kind of willingness. It’s “struggle for your ambition complete your education so that in your graduation you are worthy of congratulation”.


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